Chojiii x OGK

3rdiiiUth - 7•19•14 @ The Pinch

3rdiiiUth @ Shadow Room 6-24-14.

ahmadthegod asked:
Are you ever gonna perform in atlanta ? Btw the music is dope. 👌

In due time.

ritalin-regim3nt asked:
Bruh, Al Hostiles' mixtape prolly my favorite out right now. that shit make me wanna smoke up every time i listen to it.

Yea that joint ji tuff. IiMZ “Church?” coming out August 10th.

barrymcc0ckiner asked:
I'm glad I came across you guys surfing through Terrorizespeed. Thank you for making good music!

Thanks a lot for listening bruh

Anonymous asked:
dont stop making music. from australia


Flows (prod. Hymn) by IiMZ